Glowing Skull Halloween Mask

Glowing Skull Halloween Mask

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What could be scarier than wanting to go trick or treating, but you don't know what to be? Never fear. Tired of giving away homemade treats? Try giving your neighbor something that actually costs money. With these Masks, you can turn yourself into a real-life criminal without being sentenced to prison, or even getting arrested. These massk are made of premium material so it will fit any head size and will keep you comfortable during fear-inspiring activities such as robbing your friends' houses, scaring children shut up in their homes on Halloween night, and giving candy to hobo's for a few bucks.

Customer Reviews

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Kellie Wolff

Great quality mask that looks very real. I got a lot of kids screaming this Halloween.

Evert Pfeffer

This mask is a very nice looking mask.A very scary looking clown mask for sure

Alexie Grady

Great thank you. As shown in picture

Lea Langosh

Very real looking and creepy.. very satisfied with the mask

Terence Bradtke

He love it, it's scary enough to please and 18 year old, and fit with no problems. He feels like it is very realistic and gruesome, just want he wanted!