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Roman Greek Jesus Virgin Mary Cosplay Costume

Roman Greek Jesus Virgin Mary Cosplay Costume

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Step back in time and embrace historical elegance with the Roman Greek Jesus Virgin Mary Cosplay Costume. This versatile ensemble is designed to transport both children and adults into the world of ancient civilizations and biblical figures, making it a perfect choice for Halloween parties, themed events, or cosplay gatherings.

Crafted meticulously with authenticity in mind, this costume draws inspiration from historical sources. The polyester material ensures comfort while immersing you in the spirit of Roman and Greek cultures, as well as the iconic figures of Jesus and Virgin Mary.

Suitable for both children and adults, this unisex costume offers a unique opportunity for family or group ensembles. With components like jumpsuits and rompers, it's easy to slip into character and create memorable moments that celebrate history and spirituality.

As a creation of DAYEIEE, the costume bears a mark of quality and dedication to accuracy. The attention to detail and consideration of historical nuances set this ensemble apart, offering a true representation of the era and characters it represents.

Whether you're a history enthusiast, a devout believer, or someone seeking a distinctive costume experience, the Roman Greek Jesus Virgin Mary Cosplay Costume is a remarkable choice. It invites you to step into the shoes of influential figures and relive the past, sharing their stories with a modern twist.

Channel the spirit of ancient times and embrace the significance of historical and biblical personas with this remarkable costume. Perfect for individuals, families, or groups, it encourages a deeper connection to the past and an opportunity to express reverence in a unique and memorable way.


New Halloween Party Cosplay Costume Children and Adults Roman Greek Costume Jesus and Virgin Mary Costume






Size :


Fit for kids height 120-150cm.

Item total length 110cm



Woman : Fit for height 160-175cm.

Man: Fit for height 170-185cm.











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